IT Managed Services


As a key business driver in many of the fast-growing enterprises, the IT organization gains better mileage to deliver its strategic objectives by leveraging on resourcing services. We work with clients to perform workforce capacity and load analysis based on current as well as anticipated manpower market conditions against project deliverables to derive the realistic and resource-optimized project delivery plan. As a business partner for IT operations delivery, we enable our clients to focus more of their own direct-core business and resource investments while we handle the IT Department and Operations.

Through the professional services that we provide for Managed IT Operations, clients essentially leverage on our operations workforce and project management competencies to scale up on the capacity to support higher volume of service requirements and with greater timeliness. Our operations expertise is about integrating people-process-performance considerations within our service models to deliver the Service Levels. As a managed services business partner for our clients, we take responsibility for the right-sizing, deployment and service levels management of the workforce.

Our services experience is wide-ranging including Data Centres, Network Operations Centre, and Technical Helpdesks.

Resource Managed Services (RMS)   Operations Managed Services (OMS)
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Support Resources
  • Resource Retention and Replacement Management
  • Buffer/Backfill Support Management
  • SLA: Buffer/backfill turnaround and response time 
  • Replacement within mutually agreed lead time
  • Infrastructure & Application Support Operations
  • Service Transition Management
  • Service Review And Escalation System
  • Work/Shift Scheduling, Resource & Service Availability Mgt
  • Training Design & Implementation
  • SLA: Operational KPIs


 Key Value Proposition

Arubaito is able to offer an integrated service outsourcing solution encompassing the following service deliverables, to value-add to the long-term viability and competitive advantage of the client’s customer service operations.

  • To provide comprehensive and reliable remote management centre operations management expertise to fulfill the service objectives as required by the client.
  • To independently manage, plan and administer the supply and costs of the necessary Support Team manpower resources.
  • To achieve and ensure professional delivery of service levels by the Support Team as required by the client.

  Support Services Provisions

  • The viability of Arubaito as a professional outsource partner to the Client is based on our commitment, proven operations methodology and experience to fulfill the client’s business objectives with our provision of the following:

  Professional Service Level Management

  • Plan for and ensure the Support Team is staffed with competent agents possessing the optimal mix of technical and soft skill-sets as well as suitable work experience.
  • Plan for and ensure that all members of the Support Team are service-oriented and motivated with the necessary aptitude for professional customer service delivery.
  • Plan for and ensure efficiency and adequacy of technical support operation processes and manpower resources to fulfill service levels as required.

  Support Scalability

  • To provide commitment as client’s business partner to constantly understand and respond proactively to the client’s dynamic business needs and requirements, and to fulfill these requirements to the best of our capabilities.
  • To propose and implement alternative support models as and when required, for both planned and contingent business operation changes/requirements.
  • To cooperate the conduct of regular requirements review with the client to ensure timely planning and optimal support response/solution delivery.

  Operation Cost Effectiveness Maintenance

  • To provide experienced and efficient Human Resource Management expertise; to manage all manpower recruitment, administration, motivation and discipline issues that may affect the efficiency and proficiency of the Support Team; to minimize disruptive turnover levels thus to prevent costly loss of service levels to the client’s users/customers.
  • To ensure ready pool manpower resources for timely deployment to ensure minimal turnover delays and loss of service levels to the client’s users/customers.
  • To independently implement and manage suitable operation models to fulfill defined service level requirements within client’s cost expectations.